Avodemia is a company that processes and bottles
avocado oil

The fruit is harvested and processed in Kenya, a
country with a vocation to become a global leading
producer, then it is cold-pressed, with the best
and certified technologies,to be later distributed

Kenya is among the best geographical areas
in the world for the cultivation of avocados,
favored by an equatorial climate that allows its
production almost all year round.

Avodemia avocado oil is 100% pure, cold pressed
at the origin, without additives, preservatives
and added dyes, perfect for both cooking and raw
consumption. It indeed has a high smoke point
(250oC – 270oC), which means that it cooks but
does not burn, consequently it does not release
toxic substances.

Its qualities are truly many. The pleasant
taste makes it an ideal condiment, with far
fewer calories than other vegetable oils,
884 kcal per 100 g. Rich in unsaturated fats,
it is useful for combating cardiovascular diseases
and has a positive effect on cholesterol.

The omega-3s, omega-6s,vitamins A, E, K and
numerous minerals, such as magnesium, potassium,
zinc and calcium, make it an excellent antioxidant.

Avocado Oil Benefits

As a tropical fruit, avocado is widely known and used in endless recipes.

Now it’s up to the oil, which is conquering more and more consumers, both for the pleasant
taste and for the organoleptic and nutritional profile.

Its delicate nutty scent and unusual flavor make it a real outsider on the table, perfect for dressing a salad, flavoring a fish-based dish, or for frying with unexpected lightness.